Monograph and international conference proceedings on quality university teaching

6. 9. 2016

In recent decades, we have been witnessing an increasing interest in the quality of education activities of universities and higher education institutions (HEIs), and in approaches and forms of quality assurance as the responsibility of universities and HEIs to users (i.e. students, employers, etc.) and the broader society.

In this context, the Monograph and the International Conference Proceedings were published in Summer 2016. The main aim of both publications is to present to the academic and professional audience the modern, research-based and evidence-base findings on the ways and processes of facilitating quality learning and teaching in the settings and contexts of higher education practice, and thus contribute to the knowledge base in this field.

You can access the monograph here: Izboljševanje kakovosti poučevanja in učenja v visokošolskem izobraževanju: Od teorije k praksi, od prakse k teoriji / Improving the quality of teaching and learning in higher education: From theory to practice, from practice to theory


Peer-reviewed Conference e-Proceedings here: Kakovost visokošolskega učenja in poučevanja / Quality of university learning and teaching. As a part of a paper published in proceedings, a VIDEO was prepared by dr. Peter Purg. To read more about the scope and aims of the international conference (April 2016) please click here.