Erasmus+ Winter Semester Exchanges – Virtualy or Physically?

22. 6. 2020

There is a new tool for students that will show you whether your desired host institution in another country is planning to accept exchange students or not in the new academic year 2020/21. The information, provided by the higher education institutions, is giving you all the relevant data on your coming planned mobility (virtually or physically) and is available on this website.

The European Union has created another useful interactive tool called Re-open EU, where you will find all relevant information for traveling to another European country, focusing on your safety and health.

In spite of the crisis, this mobility so far is turning out to be a great chance for me as a student, not only to learn new things, but also to retrieve some knowledge of things which I have been studying at my home university. As an exchange student here, I really have so many benefits, that it would have truly been such a shame to miss and to let go to waste“.

Slobodan Tanaskovski, student from N. Macedonia (his complete article is available on Study in Slovenia website)

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