Mission & Vision

With international cooperation we encourage, develop and connect knowledge, people and experience in the field of education.

We strive to become a recognized connective institution in Slovenia and abroad in the field of international cooperation and an important partner at creating quality Slovenian education that is opened to the world.

Our Values

Excellence and Quality
At our work we strive for excellence. We perform our work in such way, that we can be proud of it. We create environment in which all pre-arranged tasks are also carried out and in which the quality of the service comes first. We want to carry out our tasks qualitatively, thus we invest our effort and ourselves in our work as we want to be the best in what we do.

Working with Our Hearts
We enjoy in team work and we are proud of our achievements. We work eagerly, we believe in joint goals and we approach our tasks with optimism. We are proactive – we are creators and not merely followers of events.

Social Responsibility
In society and environment where we work, we act ethically, with heartfelt, responsibly and sustainably. We encourage responsible and respectful attitude towards environment and community in which we perform our job. We take care of the future because we are aware that the work we do is important and that it will leave traces in the society.

Learning and Knowledge

We build on raising the level of general, professional and specific knowledge of our employees. We invest in education of an individual for his career development and his personal growth. We grow and we evolve with lifelong learning and personal development. We share our experience and we pass on our knowledge.

Integrity and Reliability

With are ethical and transparent in our decisions and our work, we respect the promises we made. We carry out our objectives consistently – we appropriately organize ourselves for executing each task, we respect given quality, deadlines, budget and attentive attitude towards environment and we take full responsibility for our actions.

Center performs the tasks public services in accordance with the principles of:

  • impartiality,
  • prevention of conflict of interest,
  • and non-profit principle
  • transparency of action.