eTwinning (the Community for schools in Europe) gives you an ideal opportunity to meet virtually, exchange ideas and practice examples, learn together and engage in online-based projects in any subject area with Slovene teachers involved in school education (including pre-school and vocational education). You can work on any topic you and your partner wish to work on. You do not need to be an advanced ICT user to be involved, since one of the objectives of eTwinning is to improve teachers’ abilities in ICT and to make it part of daily life in the classroom. eTwinning caters to all levels of ICT knowledge.

Who can join

Every school education teacher, headmaster, librarian and other school staff.

How to join

Join through the eTwinning portal. No formal application is required. As schools communicate and collaborate via the Internet, the are no grants or administrative conditions connected to the scheme and face-to-face meetings are not required.