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In order to make your CEEPUS experience as pleasant as possible we at the National CEEPUS Office (NCO) prepared for you all the necessary information to answer your questions and facilitate your mobility. We extremely glad to welcome you in our country as one of CEEPUS exchange professors who visit Slovenia every year. You will complement and enrich the knowledge of our students, bring diversity to Slovenian classrooms, meet new colleagues and establish new relations in the academic world.

Teaching Staff*
A) visits from 5 up to  9 days with a minimum requirement of 6 teaching hours 700 EUR The teaching staff amount is intent to cover all costs, including accommodation. Accommodation need to be arrange by visiting teachers  themselves with the help of the host institution.
B) visits of  at least 10 days and minimum 12 teaching hours 1000 EUR
*NOTE: CEEPUS Freemover teacher’s mobilities to Slovenia are not eligible!


Info about tax and your scholarship contract

When you will come to Slovenia you need to open a bank account, in order to do this you will have to get a Slovenian tax number. After receiving the tax number you go to any bank and open an account. Once you open a bank account, please send us your tax number and your bank account number as soon as possible in order to prepare your a contract and to transfer the money.

According to Slovenian Tax law a visiting professors grant is taxed (32,5%.), so you will be receiving from our side the required papers to arrange the fiscal matters.