EEA and Norway Grants

EEA Grants 2014-2021

CMEPIUS will no longer operate the small grant scheme Scheme for Mobility and Small Partnerships part of the programme Education – Enhancing Human Capital.

For more information, contact the National Contact Point, the Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy and the program website.

Slovene Scholarship Fund EEA/NFM 2009-2014

Slovene Scholarship Fund supported international mobility and inter-institutional projects in education, training and research, thereby contributing to the strengthening of the development of human capital and knowledge base. The Fund encouraged bilateral cooperation between participating countries, in particular cooperation between Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Slovenia.

Those three countries were not considered as top destinations or partners for Slovenian educational institutions or individuals; they were much more inclined towards other European (and neighbouring) countries. The support of the Slovenian Scholarship Fund has changed this picture in the last few years. The programme has strengthened the ties between countries, institutions and individuals either by mobility of students and staff or by cooperation projects among institutions. This is precisely what the Programme is all about – fostering human capital and bilateral relations, bringing economies and society closer together.

Slovenian Scholarship Fund encompassed the following actions along with preparatory/study visits (Action 1):

  • mobility projects in higher education (Action 2),
  • mobility projects for teaching staff in general and vocational education and training (Action 3),
  • inter-institutional cooperation projects between higher education institutions (Action 4),
  • inter-institutional cooperation projects in education and training (Action 5).

These actions are briefly presented in the continuation, either in a summarized form or separately by project descriptions. Joint projects helped establish or improve long-term partnerships between Norwegian, Icelandic, Liechtensteiner and Slovenian institutions. Numerous working and teaching methods were exchanged, common products and programmes were created and friendships built. All the activities contributed to enhanced mutual understanding, perception and appreciation of differences and creation of cooperation.

Many partnerships have voiced interest to continue cooperation in the future, since, at the end of the day we are very much alike in so many things, we have the same ideas, desires, interests and common areas of work. With a budget of less than 2 million euros we were able to support 52 projects covering the mobility of: 184 students, 84 teachers and 227 higher education teaching and administrative staff; 8 summer schools bringing together 213 students and 69 lecturers from 14 countries were carried out in this respect. The main topics discussed under 7 projects of partnership cooperation which included the exchange of 131 students/pupils and 103 teachers were teaching methods in general, ecology, green energy and education of persons with special needs.

More about the results of the projects of Slovenian Scholarship Fund you can find in the compendium.

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