For students

With our mission of being an organisation connecting knowledge, people, experiences and institutions, we as a National Agency act as a coordinator, initiate and act proactively in many of our projects. We are thus involved in projects that not only support EU policies and developments, but also assist in national ambitions and strategies in the field of education and training.
Projects like EHEA, EPALE, ECVET are already of such nature. With these projects, we have brought together organizations, expertise and progress.

Many times we begin with new projects like World in Classroom (WIC) where foreign students bring an important international dimension to our schools. Acting as a national agency for the promotion of higher education, our Study in Slovenia project is of wider national importance, representing a one stop shop for all those wishing to study, do exchange and more in our country. As E+ National agency we also take part in European networks, projects and working groups. For the time being our agency is involved in NetWBL project and working groups of European Commission.