World in Classroom (WIC)

World in classroom is a national project for students, who come to Slovenia through Erasmus+ programme, CEEPUS programme, bilateral cooperation or other programmes and initiatives and who want to bring international experience to schools, kindergartens and other educational institutions in Slovenia.

For a foreign student in Slovenia this is an excellent opportunity to present their country, culture and language to Slovenian pupils, teachers, students and children and get to know the education system in Slovenia from the practical point of view. Beside international dimension that their visit brings, pupils/students gain first-hand information about possibilities and benefits of student mobility/practice in a foreign country. On the other hand a school or a kindergarten with such an event creates a more attractive, creative and different daily routine which may lead to a different kind of future cooperation.

The project World in classroom is coordinated by CMEPIUS.


  • To diversify the curricula and to integrate the European/international dimension into education,
  • To improve the intercultural dialogue,
  • To present the Slovenian culture and Slovenian  education system to foreign students,
  • To enrich the experience of international mobility,
  • To get to know European and other countries,
  • To inform pupils/students of European educational programmes,
  • To encourage pupils/students to join mobility exchanges and experience a practice or a study abroad.

Application procedure

A school (primary or secondary), a kindergarten or a student submits an on-line application. At this stage they state their wishes, wanted skills or approximate time of the visit. Applications from both parties are collected by CMEPIUS that performs the selection and informs the institution of the selected student. The connection of students and organizations is carried out twice a year in November and February, upon the arrival of students in Slovenia. However if there are student applications in other months we do connect them with the organisation.

Project in practice

Primary School Dramlje
Phoebe from Scotland

Primary School Slivnica pri Celju
Veronika from Russia

Primary School Grad
Chisato from Japan

Primary School Toneta Okrogarja
Chisato from Japan

Kindergarten Vrhnika
Zuzana and Monika from Slovakia

Secondary Vocational and Technical School Bežigrad – Ljubljana
Veronika from Russia

The project in practice

Students may participate in schools and kindergartens in different ways, such as:

  • To assist at different classes (for example at foreign language classes, geography, history, extracurricular activities etc.),
  • To carry out a project together with pupils/students on a random theme,
  • To make a presentation of their country/international mobility/other at an institution’s event or at other extracurricular activities,
  • To prepare a photo/drawing exhibition; to contribute to digital contents etc.,
  • To execute other activities that are connected to school life.

A school/kindergarten and a student make individual arrangements regarding the execution of the visit (content and time wise). The theme of the presentation is developed upon suggestions and expectations of both parties.

Obligations of institutions after the visit

The institution issues a Confirmation of participation to the student. The students receives a symbolic reward from the national agency (CMEPIUS).
At the end of cooperation between both parties the institution sends CMEPIUS a short comment regarding the experience, impressions and potential material (such as photographs, articles, references to web pages). The material will be (with permission of the relevant institution) used in publications or on-line media of CMEPIUS.

Obligations of students after the visit

A student fills and manually signs the Request for reimbursement, attaches the Certificate of participation, copies of the tickets (for transport) and send it by post at the latest 30 days after the visit to CMEPIUS.

Obligations of CMEPIUS after the visit

CMEPIUS, on the basis of the received Request for reimbursement and a short report of the visit, in 30 days after receiving all the requested documents, reimburses costs for travel to the student.